“Academia Nuts” By Gregg Kreutz; Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Professor Peter Smedforson lives in a quiet New England college town, in the former home of poet E.R. Lennox whose writings are the subject of his scholarly life’s work. Reclusive Peter finds his sedate life is suddenly turned upside down when his home is invaded by Tammi, a free spirit from Atlantic City whose luck has run out, Judith, another Lennox scholar determined to unearth a lost manuscript in his home, and by Stewart, Judith’s reprehensible ex-husband who is trying to beat her to the manuscript. The discovery of said manuscript and the revelation of its surprising secret provide a hilarious climax to this urbane and quick witted comedy by the author of the popular farce Bottoms Up!

Our Cast:

Professor Peter Smedforson: Richard Craven

Judith Pixner: Kathryn Schafer

Stewart: Lauren Bathurst

Tammi: Donna Neubauer